Technology Solutions

Get the most out of technology, by turning data into information

Technology Solutions

Technology is successful, when there’s alignment between the people, process, and technology.

Demand Advantage consultants align the business and technical team and have experience with the leading applications.


  • 1    SAP (APO DP & Hana)
  • 2    JDA
  • 3    Logility
  • 4    Automatic Forecasting Systems (Autobox)
  • 5    Forecast Pro
  • 6    SAS
  • Demand Works   Demand Works
  • KinaxisKinaxis

Technology helps us manage, process, model, and analyze, large quantities of data creating information for better decision making.


Information Technology implementations are a challenge, better to get it right the first time.

Unfortunately, most organizations fail to leverage the full capability of their software.  Software vendors invest time, effort, and resources into creating software that can provide a competitive advantage for their clients.  Organizations also need to invest time, resources, and effort to reap the benefits.

Our consultants understand that technology will not make poor business processes perform better.  We reengineer the process first, then implement technology, and drive the process.

Implementing a new software solution?  Get the most out of your investment.  Measuring a project’s success is more than showing it’s completed.

Post-Implementation Optimization

"Just because something doesn't do what you planned it to do, doesn't mean it can't."   -Thomas Edison


Most organization’s simply implement technology, where they fail is “optimizing” the technology they’ve implemented.

The smartest companies leverage the full capability, features, and functionality of their existing technology. Often the work that is done post-implementation, will have a greater impact on how a system succeeds, by finding new opportunities to find productivity and efficiencies.

Why not streamline your operations through the strategic and effective use of technology, and get the value added benefit you initially expected.

Project Management

Minimize the risk.

Successful Project Management requires the proper knowledge, methods, tools, and techniques for each of the five stages defined by the Project Management Institute.
  1. Initiation
  2. Planning
  3. Execution
  4. Monitoring and controlling
  5. Closing
Project Management
Our consultants are required to be able to provide Senior Management with the following update:
  • Is the Project on time?
  • Is the Project on budget?
  • Is the Project going to meet the deliverables?
Demand Advantage consultants can expertly manage your new software implementation or your optimization project.