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We’ll find the right candidate, rather than the first available candidate.

Demand Advantage has successfully demonstrated the ability to bring job seekers and clients together.

We offer the following services:

  • Talent Acquisition
  • Contract Staffing Service
  • Department Organizational Structure

Please contact us to discuss your organization’s staffing needs.

Talent Acquisition

Demand Advantage can provide an exclusive contingency plan to find the right candidate, not the first candidate.

Our consultant will hold an informational session with your organization’s recruitment professional and hiring manager.

We’ll discuss, challenge, and understand the role and requirements for the position, prior to conducting a search.

The advantage is our Demand Forecasting skills, qualifications, and experience, leading to our ability to ask the right questions.

Allow us to alleviate the end-to-end burden of the hiring process, thereby controlling the submission, evaluation, and interview process.

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Contract Staffing Service

Do you have a temporary staffing need for a highly skilled and experienced Demand Planning consultant?

We offer Demand Planning Contract Staffing Services with consultants billed on an hourly basis (W2 or 1099).

Our in-depth knowledge, skills, and experience in Demand Forecasting allow us to evaluate, vet, and recommend the best fit candidate for your project.

The advantage of our contract staffing service is a timely process that includes the recruitment, negotiation, and invoicing process.

Department Organization Structure

Need an organizational structure based on the experience of independent experts?

Demand Advantage can identify the roles & responsibilities during your organizational change process for Director, Manager, Demand Planner, Forecast Analyst, and Data & Reporting Analyst.

We can objectively determine Demand Planner headcount and items per Demand Planner.

Let us provide the RACI Matrix & SMART Goals?

RACI Matrix

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The result is an organizational structure better aligned with Sales, Marketing, Supply Chain, and Finance.